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Our second NASCAR 4-hour race attracted 28 drivers (4 less than 2012) running on the 8 lane 200 foot Rockingham Motor Speedway infield circuit. DHORC 2 retained their title with a new team line up, adding 46 laps to the previous record. NSSRC drove their best HO endurance race to date to take a wonderful second place The Teams Qualifying consisted of three flying laps on Lane 5 for one driver in each team with the fastest lap taking pole and first lane choice. Each team then races for 30 mins on each lane with driver changes allowed every 15 mins. Each driver must drive for a minimum of 1 hour in total. Here Doug Passell’s very pink NASCAR is about to qualify in the hands of Rob Heaton. Jamie Sismey would take pole for DHORC 2 with a new Qualifying record. The grid lined up as follows Racing under way The final corners of the circuit, the Esses were certainly tricky Turn 2 also caught folk out as the cars approached at close to 20 mph……. ………..after being flat out through the banking Shloke Anand did a fine job at Race Control James and Rob Lyons kept me company while marshalling Peter Martin had a lot of track to marshal Doug’s turn at Turn 2….. …followed by Jonathon Levers DHORC 2 team of Jamie Sismey, Shloke and Lee Pateman retain their title Dave Phillipson, John (Razor) Lamb, Rob and James drove to a superb second for NSSRC Overall results Driver stats Congratulations to DHORC 2. Next year we will be changing the track to include all but Turn 2 of the oval which should extend the infield track to around 300 feet. We are also looking at a new chassis and an all new body. We have other improvements also in the pipe line; more in 2014. Cheers Nick 

Our fourth and Final Club Night race of the weekend before we started the NASCAR 4-Hour race was the GC race. Again this ran over the two days with 38 competitors taking to the track. Jamie Sismey took back to back wins for the Adults while Jacob Pateman took his second win of the weekend for the Juniors as did Tony Stacey by winning his second Adult NM race of the weekend. Zach Roythorne took his third win of the weekend winning his second Cadet race. Andy Holliday celebrating his victory in Round 7 Peter Martin, winner of the F1 Oval on Saturday Paul Levers mans the first infield corner Saturday 23Feb Qualifying Adam Hall lines the cars up The final infield section is the furthest from the drivers and the most tricky! John (Razor) Lamb takes his turn at the hairpin The Junior A The result sheets… All that qualified on Sunday morning The second group of Sunday qualifiers Grandson Leo was back Sunday with son Jamie and wife Suzy [url=] Parc Ferme Paul and Cliff Roythorne Shloke Anand relieved me of Race Control duties on several occasions The Non Member A Final It was a great weekend with plenty of racing The current Championship tables after eight rounds Four magazines in one weekend, we have to be mad. The latest, DHORC 436 should be available w/c 4Mar13 Cheers Nick  

Our third race of the weekend, Round 7 of the 2013 DHORC Championship was on the 200 foot eight lane Rockingham infield which retains turn 1 of the oval before diving off into the infield. It took less than an hour to convert the track over on Saturday evening where we were able to Qualify 16 racers with the Juniors completing their finals that evening. The adults ran on both Saturday night and Sunday morning, with their Finals taking place Sunday. Jamie Sismey won the Adult race with Zach Roythorne winning both the Junior and Cadet races. Jamie Lymer took his first ever DHORC Adult pole with John Chell taking home the Adult NM top honours Saturday night Qualifying…. Josh Lister at the hairpin Kate Alcock marshalling the infield Excel was working hard on the night Non Members Toby and Steve Drew had a great day Our second group of Saturday qualifiers The result sheets Andy Holliday helped to make sure the races started without a hitch Junior A Final Sunday morning Qualifying John Chell took over at the hairpin Phil Rees sorting out the Finals…. ….while the Nightingale Hall buzzed with activity The Non Member Adult cars Adam Hall and dad John The Adult A Final More info in the latest mag at Cheers Nick

Our second race on Saturday was the GC race where Qualifying ran alongside the F1 race. This was the Pateman race with Lee winning his fourth straight Adult race in a row (equalling his on PB) while Jacob won through in the Juniors. Andy Holliday took the Adult Non Member win while Ben Roythorne won his first Cadet Final Lee also broke all of the GC track records, with James Lymer breaking the Final points record

Junior B Finalists…

….and their cars

Junior A Finalists….

….and their cars before…..

….the off!

The results were as follows:-

Phil Rees marshalling the notorious Turn 4

Car waiting in Parc Ferme as others finish their race

Roy Masters was enjoying himself as ever!

It was good to see Cameron Holland and his family

Adult B Finalists

Adult A Cars

After two of the 5 oval races in 2013 Lee leads the Adults, Peter Martin the Juniors

More info can be found in the latest magazine at

Cheers Nick

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