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Tuesday, 08 April 2014 20:44

Membership Reaches 50!

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Round 11 at Suzuka saw Daniel Jackson, Evie Jackson and Daniel Leverton become our 48th, 49th and 50th 2014 Club Members. All 50 can be seen here:-

Tuesday, 08 April 2014 20:40

Thai Airways Corporate Evening – 2Apr14

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Ten Thai Airways personnel were over for a Trent 1000 engine Line Maintenance course. We introduced them to Long Track HO Racing having left the Suzuka track up from the previous night’s Club Night. Thanks to Rob Crossland, Phil Rees and Josh Roythorne for their support

Tuesday, 08 April 2014 20:20

38 Members Race at Suzuka - 1Apr14

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Thanks must go to all 38 racers on Tuesday night for being a part of history as we broke both the number of Junior Members attending a Club Night and the total number of Members attending a Club Night. The previous Junior record was raised from 15 to 16 and the overall record was increased from 37 to 38.

Congratulations to Lee Pateman (Adults) for a last gasp win over Jamie Sismey by about two feet and also to Geoff Peach (Masters), Adam Hall (Juniors) and Reuben Litherland (Cadets) for also taking wins

This was the 16th time we had run the Suzuka event, but the first time on Phil’s revised circuit

The calm before the storm

Our latest Junior Members Daniel and Evie Jackson

Daniel Leverton made it 50 Members at DHORC in 2014

As usual both class of cars were used in Qualifying

Four of our record 16 Junior Members got the evening going

All ages run at DHORC with Peter Barber at 71 and Maisie Litherland at 9 showing we reach out to all

Suzuka had some long straights……

….a tight hairpin…..

…and even a cross over making it one of the closely matched circuits we have ever raced on as far as lanes were concerned!

It was an all F1 Final this week

Our new larger white board to ensure we capture all of the racers on the night

Great to have Doug Passell (right), founder of CHORC along as a regular now; The two clubs are becoming inseparable.

Even the Adults can’t bring their cars up to the line SLOWLY!

The Adult ‘A’ Final about to start

Lee Pateman (right) just pips Jamie Sismey after the power is switched off to take the win as Jamie’s car was mid corner Lee’s powering down the main straight!

All are cordially invited to join us at DHORC for our Rockingham Motor Speedway Slot Car Bonanza Weekend. Cars are available for all to borrow. The total cost for competing in the four Club Night races is £5. Please see the timetable below

Racing begins at 1pm on Saturday 22Feb14 in the Nightingale Hall, Moor Lane, Derby England on our eight- lane 124 foot Rockingham Oval with Rounds 5 and 6 of the DHORC Championship which is open to all. Grid positions for the two sets of Finals are determined by the fastest time to complete five laps on Lane 4 for the F1 cars (Tyco 440X2) and five laps on Lane 5 for the GC cars (BSRT902 or Tomy SGP). The Finals will be the normal three minutes but Crash and Burn with the Turn 4 squeeze track ready for the unwary.

Once those two Club Races have been completed we will remove Turn 4 from the oval and connect up the infield track to the oval. This should give a lap length of around 300 feet. We will then qualify for Rounds 7 and 8 with the F1s on the odd lanes, GC on the even lanes. Each car’s total score will then decide the grid positions for each set of Finals. We should complete the Junior Finals on Saturday with the remaining Adult qualifying taking place on Sunday from 0900 hours followed by their Finals.

At 1300 hours on Sunday we run our annual 4-hour race. However this year the Tyco 440X2 NASCARs are gone replaced by Tomy SRT Porsche 917s. Andy Abbott has done a fabulous job moulding and painting the resin bodies; Doug Passell has provided the chassis, Barry Johnson’s Slot Car Direct the motors and Tomy Turbo Guru Rob Heaton has set up the chassis. It should make for a very exciting race bringing together teams from three of the country’s oldest HO Clubs. The provisional teams are shown below.

We would welcome anyone who would like to come and have a race on UKs only purpose built oval and the largest eight lane HO track to run to date.

Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Monday, 10 February 2014 12:43

Who's Who at DHORC - 4Feb14

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Monday, 10 February 2014 12:36

Round 4 - Daytona 500 - 4Feb14

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Round 4 of the 2014 season was quite extraordinary for many reasons; First because Geoff Peach won his very first DHORC Club Night at his 267th attempt; Second because we had 36 racers competing, five more than previously seen at the Daytona 500 event than in any of the previous 13 events; Third because we recorded 9,000+ laps and 500+ races for the first time in one Club Night.

Winning the Adult ‘A’ Final Geoff became the first Member to win two classes on one night as he also won the Masters at the same time being the highest placed racer in that class. Adam Hall (Juniors) and Reuben Litherland (Cadets) maintained their 100% record in 2014.

The Crash and Burn rules led to some very exciting racing

A very happy Geoff Peach

Liam Smith (right) became our 40th Member of 2014 and got stuck into Race Control duties straight away, here with Cliff Roythorne

Simon Goodlip (left) became our 41st Member. Having won the DHORC Championship in 2002 he retired from the Club in 2009 but returned with a vengeance breaking the Daytona Fastest Lap. Lee Pateman (right) equalled Simon’s time of 3.10 seconds and set a new three minute Race Laps record of 51.6 Laps, some 0.2 Laps higher than his own previous best.

Nine of the ten Juniors in the ‘A’ Final…

….and their cars

The final point’s tables

Katie Alcock and Jamie Lymer were on Lollipop duties

Differing reaction times

Steve Bradley guides daughter Isabel Bradley round the Daytona circuit

Turn 1 was frantic at times

Jamie Sismey and Adam Hall still lead the main Championship

Geoff moved back into the lead of the Masters and Reuben maintained the lead in the Cadets

Jamie Sismey and Andrew Thompson plus Adam Hall and Elias Stott-Zafiropoulos maintain the lead of the Team Championships

Jamie and Josh Roythorne are joint leaders of the Adult DHORC Final Challenge, Peter Martin and Maisie Litherland lead the Junior version of the same.

Naturally Geoff and Adam lead the King of Speed Championship after the first of the five ovals

Monday, 10 February 2014 12:20

Round 3 - Hungaroring - 28Jan14

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For the second meeting running we had 32 racers at DHORC on Tuesday night on the re-designed (by Phil Rees) Hungaroring Circuit. Our four winners at Buddh, Jamie Sismey (Adults), Rob Crossland (Masters), Adam Hall (Juniors) and Reuben Litherland (Cadets) all won again, although Rob Crossland’s second place on the grid and third in the ‘A’ Final was the talking point of the evening

Elias and Lexis Stott-Zafiropolous joined on Tuesday. It is official they have the longest surnames ever at DHORC!

Roy Masters is also back for 2014…..

….as is Shloke Anand, taking Membership to 39

We had 11 Juniors racing at the Hungaroring, eight Qualifying together three with the Adults

The final Results were as follows:-

The white board was invaluable as we had to tweak the running order and who raced in which foursome a couple of times.

At times the room was awash with folk

Peter Barber and Josh Roythorne kept Turn 1 well marshalled

I will never tire of these blurred start photos

The new for 2014 notice board was getting plenty of viewing.

Once the Juniors and their entourage had left there was a little more room and a quieter feel to proceedings

Jamie Lymer was back in the ‘A’ Final for the first time in 2014, Rob Crossland for the first time ever, Jamie Sismey lives in the ‘A’ Final and Paul Levers was clearly thrilled to have won the ‘B’ and starting his first ‘A’ Final since June last year.

This was the last time the other three cars saw Jamie Sismey’s Red and White Porsche 917 apart from when it passed them!

The current Championship standings including the Team Championship based on Members ranking, with No1 Adult teamed up with No24, No2 with No23 etc

Saturday, 18 January 2014 11:20

Who's Who at DHORC 14 Jan 14

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Saturday, 18 January 2014 11:14

Round 2 - Buddh - 14 Jan 14

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Just a week after Round 1 DHORC’s second round at the Buddh F1 took place on 14Jan14 with 32 racers taking to the Indian track.

Seven more Members were added to the 28 that raced the previous week.

Jamie Sismey, Adam Hall and Reuben Litherland all repeated their Round 1 performances while Rob Crossland took his first career Masters win.

Saturday, 18 January 2014 11:02

Round 1 - Mugello - 7 Jan 14

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The opening Round of the DHORC 2014 season was run on a redesigned Mugello circuit that Phil Rees kindly redesigned over the Christmas period. We had 28 Members in attendance, the highest for Round 1 since 1998! Congratulations to Jamie Sismey (Adults), Geoff Peach (Masters), Adam Hall (Juniors) and Reuben Litherland (Cadets) for taking the first wins of the year.

Five different Adult Members would set new track records. It was Geoff’s first ever record

The first race of the night started at 1845 with the nine Juniors

Fergus Holmes and dad John Holmes were are first two new Members of 2014

Mark Weston, son of former Member Gary Weston became our third new Member

Doug Passell (second left) of CHORC fame became our fourth new Member…

…introducing his pink stable of cars to DHORC

After the Junior Finals we asked Jane Brooks to present the 2013 Trophies. Here Jamie Sismey picks up the Adult Championship trophy.

Maisie Litherland, Reuben Litherland, Fergus and Mark were in the first four races of the night…..

….followed by Adam Turnbull, Luke Brooks, Ben Brooks and Peter Martin

The results were as follows:-

Phil Rees was back looking after Parc Ferme and Paul Levers on Race Control

Cliff Roythorne travelled all the way up from Bristol to race and also run Race Control

Martin Allsopp (left) was also back after a ten month sabbatical

It was a busy evening but we were still finished for 2200 hours

Lee Pateman helping Peter Barber setting up his car for the Final

The Junior ‘A’ Finalists, Fergus, Adam Hall, Peter Martin and Ben

Tuesday, 24 December 2013 15:21

Merry Christmas

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Sunday, 22 December 2013 12:03

Official Test & Workshop - 17 Dec 13

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Sixteen competitors took part in the last Test evening of the 2013 season on Tuesday night.

Phil Rees had been busy painting new members cars ready for the Test evening. Lee Pateman had set up seven Tyco F1 chassis over the previous weekend for the new Members

Thanks to Jamie Sismey for ensuring that everyone got a fair amount of time on the track and to Alan Bullock, Geoff Peach and Phil Rees for showing folk how to set up their cars

All age groups were represented with Geoff Peach, Adam Turnbull, Katie Alcock and Laura Turnbull a good example of the eclectic group of Members we will have in 2014.

It was wonderful to have Alan Bullock (right) back amongst us again after such a torrid year. Here is helps John Lamb who will be a much more regular Member in 2014 set up his cars

Phil Rees (left) also helped Peter Barber to totally strip and rebuild his Tyco F1

Everyone’s best times were as follows:-

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